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NKY Executive Serving as President of National Home Builders' Executive Council

The executive vice president of the Building Industry Association of Northern Kentucky (BIANK) will serve as president of the National Association of Home Buiklders (NAHB) executive officers council (EOC).

Brian Miller assumed the new role on January 26 and was inducted during a virtual ceremony during the national organization's winter leadership meeting.

“I am deeply honored to serve as the 2021 EOC President. To say I stand on the shoulders of giants is an understatement," Miller said. "The men and women that have served in this position have played a vital role in the vitality of our industry, our associations, and the members we serve.  I will do all in my ability to do everything I can to serve the industry, the members, my fellow Executive Officers and the NAHB federation.”

The EOC is a professional organization open to executives who manage over 700 local and state builders’ associations affiliated with the NAHB federation. The EOC works to enhance local and state Executive Officers through training, education, networking and communications.

Miller believes that the strength of the executive officer council is their ability to share ideas and best practices to better serve all the members of the federation as they begin to emerge from the constraints of the pandemic as well as utilize outside experts to help them deliver relevant programs and services to the members across the Federation, a news release said. 

“As EOC Board President, my goal is to realign the EOC and set ourselves on a course that provides clarity, the ability for us all to pivot effectively as we move forward and provide resources that are relevant to EO’s and the members we serve in response to the pressures caused by dynamic and foundational changes to our traditional business models,” Miller said.

Miller has served on several committees and boards within the National Association of Home Builders including NAHB’s Environmental Issues Committee as Executive Officer Council Liaison, Executive Officers Council Board of Directors for two terms, Past Secretary and Vice President of the Executive Officers Council, Past Chairman of the Executive Officers Council Professional Development Committee and has served as Chairman for the Council’s Large Local Association Forum and Public Relations Forum. As current President, Miller will serve on NAHB’s Association Planning Committee and the EOC Nominating Committee.  Miller serves on the Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce Business Advocacy Council, Consensus Committee and the Chamber’s Energy, Environment, and Infrastructure Committee. He has participated in several working groups tasked with land use planning economic development, infrastructure planning and environmental policy for Northern Kentucky and the region.

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