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Ft. Wright Offers Amnesty on Property Tax Penalties After "Unusual Year"

Ft. Wright city council approved amnesty for those facing tax penalties related to last year's property taxes.

Mayor Dave Hatter explained that most residents pay their taxes on time, but last year some had a problem meeting the deadline.

"2020 was an unusual year," Hatter said.

Council decided to postpone penalties until April 30, and will refund any penalties already paid by taxpayers.

Penalties and fines will accompany in late-payer after April 30.

"It was the right thing to do, a very generous thing to do, and reasonable," said Hatter.

In other business, council received an update on its gateway signage project, which is adding new city branding at the entries to the city.

Councilman Adam Feinauer, who serves on the community improvement committee, said that signs scheduled to be placed at Kyles Lane near I-71/75 are on time, but that other ones around town are on hold currently.

The mayor appointed Joseph Link and Anuel Nevels III to the James A. Ramage Civil War Museum board.

Other appointees to that board are expected soon, if the museum wants more.

City Administrator Jill Bailey also announced that there are a few part-time positions that are open in the city and that there is more information on the city's website.

Councilwoman Margie Witt said that the city is going to plan on holding the Clean Up Ft. Wright this year after canceling it last year because of the pandemic. She doesn't have all the plans yet but people who would like to participate should count on it happening in April, she said.

-Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor