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Three NKY Organizations Receive $20,000 Contributions from Team Kentucky Fund

Governor Andy Beshear announced a $380,000 donation from the Team Kentucky Fund to nineteen nonprofit organizations across the state.

Three of the recipients of $20,000 are from Northern Kentucky.

Each serves the state by preventing homelessness and/or assisting families impacted by the opioid epidemic.

“This gift wouldn’t be possible without the incredible generosity of Kentuckians. Going forward, let’s keep the spirit of the Team Kentucky Fund alive by donating directly to these amazing organizations or other nonprofits in our communities that speak to our hearts,” said Beshear. “In Kentucky, we don’t just talk about our faith, we live it. Especially as we’ve faced this coronavirus pandemic, these agencies have helped our people most in need. We are proud to be able help them in turn.”

The local organizations sharing in the money are the Children's Home of Northern Kentucky, Welcome House of Northern Kentucky, and Transitions.

The Team Kentucky Fund was established in March of last year to accept charitable contributions in the state to support those who suffered a serious financial setback due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The fund raised more than $3.7 million from 11,411 donors, assisting 3,662 Kentucky families so far, a news release said.

“During a really challenging year, I was so inspired by every single Kentuckian who contributed to this fund,” said Lt. Gov. Jacqueline Coleman. “This is who we are as Kentuckians – working together, neighbor helping neighbor.”

The majority of funds were designated for $1,000 vouchers for individuals that could cover rent, mortgage, utility or food costs.

The governor designated $380,000 for nonprofit organizations that share the Team Kentucky Fund’s mission of helping Kentucky families that are highly vulnerable due to COVID-19.

“The generosity of the Governor’s Office and Team Kentucky allows us to continue to provide quality care to the residents and their families that struggle with substance use disorder. The pandemic has created a challenging dynamic for people that struggle with addiction and this gift allows us to continue to offer immediate access to treatment,” said Jim Beiting, chief executive officer, Transitions Inc.

“Gov. Beshear and Team Kentucky are vital partners with Children’s Home of Northern Kentucky as we respond to both immediate and systemic needs to end child abuse, neglect, and adverse environments affecting community health,” said Rick W. Wurth, chief executive officer, CHNK Behavioral Health.

“The Team Kentucky funds will be a godsend for the most vulnerable members of our community. Even during one of the most trying times in our history, Kentucky continues to take care of their communities and sets an example nationwide,” said Danielle Amrine, chief executive officer, Welcome House of Northern Kentucky.

-Staff report

Photo: Children's Home of Northern Kentucky (RCN file)

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