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Park Hills Council Assigns Committees, Discusses Fire Pit Complaints

Park Hills city council is set to amend its calendar for when committees meet.

Council listened to the first reading of an ordinance amending those times. Mayor Kathy Zembrodt said that there were rules in the original order that are no longer relevant due to the pandemic when most meetings have happened virtually.

The meetings in the future will be on an as-needed basis, if the adjusted ordinance is adopted in March.

Meanwhile, council approved which members will serve on which committees. Tony Darin and Pam Spoor will serve on the parks, beautification and recreation committee; Spoor and Joe Shields will serve on the financial oversight committee; Shields and Steve Elkins will serve on the infrastructure and public works committee; Spoor and Sarah Froelich will serve on the historic preservation committee; and Elkins and Froelich will serve on the economic development and business committee.

Council discussed fire pits in the city in light of a flyer being distributed around the city. The fire department has received complaints about fires and smoke emanating from pits. Chief John Rigney said that last year there were two to three complaints about open burning, but since last fall has received dozens more.

Councilman Shields asked about whether there was a specific part of town where the complaints are coming from and Chief Rigney said that they were all from the area around Audubon Road near the park.

Councilwoman Spoor suggested that Rigney put out an article in the newsletter explaining the difference between open burning and fire pits, as well as how fire pits should be used.

Open burning is not permitted in the city between May 1 and September 30.

Zembrodt said that she would meet with Rigney and Police Chief Cody Stanley to go over the city's rules and also to evaluate other cities' rules to see if any updates are needed in Park Hills.

-Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor