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Flight Carrying Organ for Transplant Diverts to CVG, Firefighter Helps Deliver to Hospital

A medical flight originally planned for landing at Cincinnati's Lunken Airport was forced to divert to the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG) in Hebron due to winter weather concerns.

On board the plane was an organ intended to be transplanted at Cincinnati Children's Hospital.

The call came to CVG Fire & Rescue at around 5 p.m. Wednesday that the inbound flight was diverting to the airport and that there was a limited amount of time to deliver the organ to Children's. 

CVG firefighter/EMT Jason Baumann responded to the call, taking a CVG pickup truck with medical staff and the organ donation, and made his way to Children's in the winter conditions.

The Cincinnati Police Department also assisted the transport of the organ once Baumann crossed into Ohio. 

Despite weather and traffic, CVG first responders rise to the occasion whether help is needed at the airport or in the community, a news release from the airport said. 

The organ was delivered with time to spare.

"On Wednesday it was a true team effort to deliver an organ donation to Children's Hospital from CVG. We were happy to help escort CVG Fire/PD during the snow storm," a social media post by the Cincinnati Police Department said. "We know the roads were extremely tough to navigate and we just want to say thank you to everyone who moved out of our way when they saw the flashing lights and sirens. The community corporation saved minutes during a situation where every second counts!"

Watch Cincinnati Police dash cam footage of part of the transport:

Cincinnati Police Dashcam video of escort from CVG to Children's Hospital from Cincinnati Police Department on Vimeo.


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