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Charitable Car Repair Service Wins More Grant Funding


A Covington-based charity that helps people with car challenges was awarded a $15,000 grant from the Greater Cincinnati Foundation.

Samaritan Car Care Clinic will use the funds to help people who have experienced COVID-19-related economic challenges in one specific area: car repairs.

The charity has partnered with Life Learning Center, Lincoln Grant Scholar House, St. Vincent de Paul of Northern Kentucky, and other agencies to help low-income people with critical, safety-related car repairs.

The new round of funding will assist people who are facing economic challenges or have lost their jobs due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

“This grant came at a great time,” said Samaritan Car Care Clinic Director Bruce Kintner. “Requests for help continue to  exceed the Clinic’s resources. Many of those requests are because people were furloughed, or had  hours cut back, due to COVID related restrictions. They want to work, but often can’t find employment, and now face setbacks trying to maintain their cars. And for many, without a car, they can’t search for a new job.” 

Last week, the car repair clinic was awarded $10,000 from the Horizon Community Funds of Northern Kentucky.

-Staff report

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