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St. Elizabeth Launches Nurse Now Program

St. Elizabeth Physicians announced the launch of its new Nurse Now helpline to assist those in need of health services after business hours or on weekends.

To contact the assistance, call 888-4STE-NOW and a registered nurse trained to assess one's needs over the phone will help determine the severity of the situation and advise on next steps.

“The nurse can help you decide if the health concern requires immediate medical care or if it’s okay to wait and see your provider,” says Sara Browne, manager of virtual health at St. Elizabeth Physicians. “If an appointment is necessary the nurse can even schedule you for a virtual visit or in-person appointment while you are on the phone.”

The new helpline can assist with questions related to issues like whether a child needs stitches, the type of doctor needed for a problem, the correct dosage of medication, and more.

“Our Nurse Now program may help you or your loved ones avoid an unnecessary Urgent Care or Emergency Department visit after hours, reducing exposure to COVID-19,” says Andrew Bradford, director of virtual health at St. Elizabeth Physicians. “It’s a safe way to get trusted health information and advice.”

This helpline service is free, and traditional billing applies to any emergency room, urgent care, or physician visit. 

-Staff report

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