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Covington City Hall Lobby Reopening Monday

Covington City Hall's lobby will reopen for public business on Monday after closing November 23 due to the pandemic.

It was previously closed from March 16 to July 6.

In a news release, the city noted positive trends related to COVID-19 in the state, including declining case counts and the lowest positivity rate since November 4. 

The closure of the lobby was part of the city's effort to limit face-to-face interactions during the pandemic.

The reopening is not a sign that the pandemic is over, said Assistant City Manager Bruce Applegate, the city’s point-person on COVID-19. He urged visitors to abide by safety rules that are in place throughout the building.

Among the restrictions: 

  • All visitors must wear a mask and follow social-distancing guidelines.
  • The number of people in the lobby at one time will be limited.
  • Visitors standing in line at the teller window used to pay taxes etc. must stand at least 6 feet apart, as shown by taped “X’s” on the floor.
  • Walk-in traffic will only be allowed for teller window services. All other city business will prioritize the use of teleconferencing or virtual meetings to assist customers, and must be established by appointment.
  • Anyone who is sick, or has had a fever in the previous 24 hours with COVID-19-like symptoms, should not enter the building. 

The business of City Hall has continued throughout the pandemic via phone, limited in-person visits, virtual meetings, mail and drop boxes. Many workers continue to do their jobs at home, while a limited number of employees have come to City Hall every day.

-Staff report

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