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12-Year Old Faces Felony Charge for Alleged Threat to Bellevue School

This story has been updated to reflect that this event took place on Tuesday, February 16.

A 12-year old boy was charged with a felony following an email threat against students at Holy Trinity School in Bellevue, according to an announcement from the city's mayor.

The Catholic School on Division Street received the email threat just before 4 p.m. Tuesday, February 16.

According to the city, the school's principal, Katie Jacobs, contacted the Diocese of Covington and the Bellevue Police Department.

Lt. Jon McClain arrived at the school on Wednesday morning before anyone arrived in order to check out the exterior layout and to prepare for anything that could happen, the city said.

Mayor Charlie Cleves said that he arrived on the scene Wednesday at 9:30 a.m. when McClain was contacted by the FBI offering help in tracking down a suspect.

Principal Jacobs provided information related to the school's website that allowed for police to track down the suspect. By 12:30 p.m., police had an internet protocol (IP) address, and the FBI was able to provide a contact at Spectrum to find the appropriate location that the suspect likely sent the email from.

A Spectrum employee and Bellevue resident, Brandon Ross, was able to assist with tracking the IP address. "Had it not been for Mr. Ross it may have taken a lot of extra time to find the emergency contact information for Spectrum," Mayor Cleves said.

Officers were then able to gain the address of the suspect's house. While the location was not provided in the city's news release, it was noted that Bellevue Police contacted the Boone County emergency dispatch center to request that a sheriff's deputy monitor the suspect's home until Bellevue officers could arrive.

"It was amazing for me to be able to ride along and be a part of the whole process until it came time to knock on the door at the address," Cleves said. "I was shocked to see that it turned out to be a 12-year-old boy who caused all of this stress and anxiety for so many people. He was charged with a felony and released to his mother."

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