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Park Hills Council Explores Business Aid, Permanent Council Meeting Location

Park Hills city council discussed last week how to use the $214,353 it received from the federal government for COVID-19 relief.

Possible plans include $20,000 to assist businesses, $18,000 to aid employees on a sliding scale, and $100,000 to offset the advanced life support (ALS) contract with the City of Fort Wright.

Remaining funds could be used to help the city council find a more permanent meeting location.

Mayor Kathy Zembrodt had come up with a plan for businesses that she sent out to the council members, but not all the members received the plan, so she told them she would send it out again to get their input. 

She said that if businesses in the city could show that they needed some help, they could apply for a $2,000 grant.

Councilmman Kevin Downes said that he wanted to make sure that city employees benefitted from their sacrifice in working throughout the pandemic, and said that giving money to the employees would be a "superb thing to do."

He said that it could be incremental, since the money could not be called a bonus.

Zembrodt said that she has talked to different locations about hosting council meetings but so far no one has been able to accommodate them.

The city had been holding meetings at Notre Dame Academy until the pandemic took hold.

"Long term, the problem needs to be solved," Councilwoman Pam Spoor said. "We can't keep putting it off indefinitely."

Another subject that  came up for discussion is a personnel matter brought up by the police department. 

-Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor