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Newport Skyline Chili Server Retires After 35 Years on the Job

Jean Farmer, a server at the Newport Skyline on Carothers Rd., has retired after 35 years. Her bittersweet departure took place Thursday after working her final shift with the popular local chili chain. 

"It was fun, I enjoyed my 35 years here," Farmer said at her retirement in the restaurant. "I don't regret anything, but the worst part is leaving customers and coworkers behind." 

Farmer said that she plans to stay home and do nothing while she enjoys her retirement. 

At her retirement party, Farmer recounted some of the fun times she had with her coworkers throughout her career - snowball fights, water fights, hiding notes under the coffee maker for others to find, scavenger hunts, and anything else that could occupy them between serving plates of chili. 

"It's been a great experience, I wouldn't have it any other way - I've worked here for two different owners and they both took really good care of me and everyone else," Farmer said. "The people here are good to each other, I've enjoyed my life at Skyline." 

Farmer said that she has been the longest serving waitress at the Newport Skyline, and Thursday was presented with a plaque and a shadow-box containing her apron which read "Mean Jean Farmer"her name tag, and her order-pad containing a hastily-scrawled order that would be her last. 

Farmer said that she won't be a stranger to the Skyline in the coming years, and she hopes to see all of her old customers and coworkers. She also stated that her favorite item on the menu is a classic 3-way.

-Connor Wall, associate editor

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