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Seafood May Return to Former Joe's Crab Shack in Bellevue

It has been nearly a year since Joe's Crab Shack closed its doors in Bellevue, leaving the city without a tenant in the property it owns near the Ohio River.

On Wednesday night during the Bellevue city council meeting, City Administrator Frank Warnock said that another tenant could be on the way soon, and that seafood could be returning to the menu.

The city issued a request for proposals from potential tenants.

"We've got a good applicant to go at Joe's Crab Shack," Warnock said, noting that the prospect is a "seafood business". 

City Attorney David Fessler has been looking over the proposed lease, Warnock said, "and we think we've got it where it needs to be."

Now an outside attorney is reviewing the details of the possible lease, Warnock said.

The identity of the business was not revealed.

Mayor Charlie Cleves welcomed the news.

"It looks really good," Cleves said, adding that the business sent the city a video to watch. "They are going to put down a real floor instead of concrete, they are replacing all the booths and tables and chairs.

"It's going to be way nicer."

Warnock said that he "visited their restaurants."

"They are nice, clean, a high-volume seafood business," he said. "They said, we want to make this a family restaurant. We want families here."

The city council may need to convene again before next month's regularly scheduled meeting in order to approve a new lease, Warnock said. 

But everything right now is not official. 

"You don't have a deal until you have a deal," Warnock said. "It's looking good."

In other business, Mayor Cleves said that bars in the city will open at 7 a.m. on St. Patrick's Day (Wednesday, March 17). Bellevue's entertainment district allows for patrons to walk along designated parts of Fairfield Avenue (KY 8) with drinks in hand, and on that holiday, those rules will be in effect.

"I don't know who's going to take advantage of that," Cleves joked, "but it's available."

-Michael Monks, editor & publisher

Photo: Former Joe's Crab Shack Space via 

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