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Park Hills to Eliminate Payroll Tax Cap

Park Hills city council is expected to list the cap on the city's payroll tax.

Currently, city payroll taxes are collected only on the first $50,000 of a salary, but if adopted, an ordinance, which received its first reading this week, would apply the tax to the entire salary.

The rate would still be 1.5 percent.

The second reading and formal vote is scheduled for the April meeting.

Council also listened to the first reading of an ordinance vacating a portion of Old State Road.

The road will be turned over as part of the development of the new Park Point subdivision.

As it is, the road will be open as a route for emergency vehicles, which would provide a secondary route in case the main road into the subdivision would be blocked for some reason. 

There will be a locked gate, inaccessible by the public.

Council also listened to the first reading of an ordinance dealing with vacation time for city employees. Currently, city employees who have been with the city for fifteen years receive four weeks of vacation.

If adopted next month, the ordinance would change that to employees only having to work five years before receiving four weeks of vacation.

Council also approved a measure to set committee meetings on an as-needed basis only, with a one-week notice.

-Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor