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Villa Hills Police Justified in Shooting Man, Prosecutor Says


The shooting death of a man along Interstate 75 by two Villa Hills Police officers was justified, Kenton County Commonwealth's Attorney Rob Sanders said Friday.

Sanders announced that he "found no probable cause to believe either Officer Sean  Dooley or Officer Jacob Bolton violated any Kentucky laws."

Dooley and Bolton responded to a traffic stop on Feb. 20 when Randall Lockaby pointed a gun at one of the officers, Sanders said.

The officers opened fire and Lockaby was killed.

Kentucky State Police handled the investigation following the shooting and last month, the City of Villa Hills said that it was cooperating.

Dash cam and body cam video, presented Friday by Sanders, was used in piecing together the investigation. 

Lockaby is seen drawing a handgun from his waist and refusing to follow Dooley's request to step to the back of the vehicle. Locakaby then pointed the gun at Dooley.

"It is obvious Officer Dooley was justifiably in fear of death or serious physical injury at  the time he used deadly force against Mr. Lockaby," Sanders wrote in a letter to a state police detective. "Officer Bolton was in position to see Mr. Lockaby point the gun at Officer Dooley and reasonably perceived the need to use deadly force to prevent Mr. Lockaby from shooting Officer Dooley. Officer Bolton was also logical in his conclusion that had Mr. Lockaby shot Officer Dooley, then Mr. Lockaby would likely turn the gun on him. Thus, Officer Bolton was also justified in the use of deadly force to protect his own  life as well as the life of Officer Dooley."


"...there is no probable cause to believe the use of deadly force was anything but justified and legal," Sanders wrote. "Thus, I find no probable cause to believe any crime was committed by Officer Dooley or Officer Bolton.

"I am ethically bound to refrain from further proceedings in any case when I do not believe probable cause exists. "

-Michael Monks, editor & publisher

Image from dash cam footage

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