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Local Girl Scouts Have 30,000 Boxes of Cookies to Sell

The Girl Scouts of Kentucky's Wilderness Road (GSKWR) hopes to sell more than 30,000 boxes of their famous cookies by April 11.

The traditional sale period was disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, severe weather this month, and other issues.

The seasonal sale was supposed to end on Sunday but has been extended. As of late last week, there were 31,848 boxes left to sell.

“Due to unsafe weather conditions and the restrictions in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19, our girls weren’t able to do traditional door-to-door and booth cookies sales at the level they typically would," said Carolyn McNerney, product sales director, GSKWR. “Walmart has been such a tremendous retail partner for us this year, allowing girls to sell cookies at locations throughout Kentucky." 

Walmart has also extended their partnership with Kentucky Girl Scouts through April 11, to help them meet their cookie sales goals.

Through April 11, cookies can be ordered through the Girl Scout Cookie Finder for direct shipment with 50% off shipping fees (for orders of 6 or more boxes).

Cookies can be purchased over the coming weekends from Kentucky Girl Scouts at participating Walmart stores throughout Kentucky and at both Florence Mall and Ashland Mall.  

GSKWR encourages individuals and families to buy cookies to give to others and to buy cookies in bulk as a way to thank teachers, healthcare workers, first-responders and other essential community members.

All proceeds from cookies sales benefit the scouts, with 19% going toward camp programs and properties, 19% toward troop proceeds and rewards, and 33% toward membership, volunteer development and program support. 

-Staff report