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Covington Police Officer, Suspect Shot in Newport

A Covington Police officer and a suspect were both shot following the exchange of gunfire in Newport on Monday evening.

Covington Police Chief Rob Nader said that his department received a call of a man with a gun at around 6:20 p.m. and a vehicle matching the description in that call was located on Scott Blvd.

A traffic stop was initiated that led officers to Newport just south of the traffic roundabout on the east side of the Fourth Street Bridge.

At that time, gunfire was exchanged.

Nader said that both the Covington officer and the suspect were wounded and later taken to University of Cincinnati Medical Center where their conditions are not known.

The Kentucky State Police is to take over the investigation since an officer was involved in the shooting, a standard practice in law enforcement.

Nader did not identify the officer but noted that he was a man, and a veteran of the department.

"I'm keeping my fingers crossed that everything is OK first," the chief said. "I want to make sure his wife and family know first. I'd rather be at the hospital with him instead of standing here talking to you. I'd rather him not be in the hospital."

Nader said that he would head to the hospital to check on the officer as soon as the state police arrived to take over the scene.

There was no identification made publicly of the suspect involved.

This story will be updated when more information is known.

-Michael Monks, editor & publisher

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