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Covington Commission Returns to In-Person Meetings

The Covington city commission will meet in person at City Hall for Tuesday night's caucus meeting, the first such gathering since last July.

Like most governments, the city commission transitioned to all-virtual meetings due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tuesday night's meeting will also be offered for public viewing on television and online.

The public can also attend for the first time since the pandemic disrupted meetings.

The weekly meetings of the Covington Board of Commissioners will move to a hybrid in-person/virtual format beginning Tuesday night. 

Anyone who attends in person must wear a mask, sit at least six feet from others, and follow other health-safety protocols related COVID-19 pandemic. The crowd size will be limited as well.

The meeting starts at 6 p.m. at 20 West Pike Street.

Tuesday night’s meeting is a caucus meeting, where issues are discussed, and next week’s meeting, on April 13, is a legislative meeting, during which formal votes are taken. Public comments are welcome at legislative meetings, but you must sign up before the start of the meeting.

To follow at home:

The Covington Board of Commissioners meeting can be watched live on:

·      Fioptics channel 815.

·      Spectrum channel 203.

·      The Telecommunications Board of Northern Kentucky (TBNK) website,

·      The TBNK Facebook page @TBNKonline.

·      And the TBNK Roku channels. 

-Staff report

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