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WVXU Launches Cicada Podcast

With the pending re-emergence of cicadas in Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati, as well as other eastern, Midwestern, and southern states, Cincinnati Public Radio is launching a podcast with a local expert to document Brood X.

It has been seventeen years since the last time the bugs graced us with their buzzing presence.

They are expected to reappear in May and hang around through June.

Dr. Gene Kritsky, the dean of Behavioral and Natural Sciences and is a professor in the Department of Biology at Mt. St. Joseph University in Cincinnati, is well-known for his expertise in cicadas.

Along with WVXU reporter Cory Sharber, Dr. Kritsky will feature in the new program Brood X: The Cicada Podcast.

Sharber and Kritsky will explore the cicada world beneath our feet, the history of the insect, the 17-year cycle of their emergence, what to do in preparation of their arrival, and lots of fun facts and trivia. 

The first episode of Brood X: The Cicada Podcast will be released Tuesday, April 27 and will be available on and all podcast outlets. The ten episodes will be released on Tuesdays weekly through the onset of the emergence. Listeners will also hear an excerpt of the new podcast each Tuesday during Morning Edition and All Things Considered

Listeners and students can submit questions by email to Dr. Kritsky at or by using the Talk2Us feature on the free WVXU app. 

Dr. Kritsky was integral to the creation of the Cicada Safari mobile app, available at the Apple app store and Google Play. When a cicada is spotted, users can use the app to photograph or video the insects and then submit the images for inclusion on Mount St. Joseph University’s 2020 cicada map.  

Dr. Kritsky and the Mount have also launched the website, which offers a virtual trove of cicada facts, history, facts, maps, activities and more.  

A renowned cicada expert, Dr. Kritsky has given hundreds of media interviews, published academic papers on cicadas and is the author of two books on cicadas. His new book, Periodical Cicadas: The Brood X Edition is published by the Ohio Biological Survey.  

-Staff report