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NKU Adds Live Camera to Monitor Rock Following Second Racist Graffiti Incident

Northern Kentucky University's vice president of student affairs announced Tuesday the college's response to move forward from a second round of racist graffiti put on campus allegedly by a hate group.

Dr. Eddie Howard said that University Police have been asked to increase patrols and surveillance coverage around the Housing rock and other key areas on campus.

The Center for Student Inclusiveness has also been tasked with working on an incident response plan to include some long-term strategies "that should involve constituents from the entire campus community," Howard said in a message to the campus community.

"I asked the CSI team to come back with a comprehensive set of guidelines and a detailed plan for how to move forward," he said.

Howard also announced a new campaign called "Watch the Rock."

The live-stream webcam will monitor activity around the campus landmark 24 hours a day.

"I invite the entire campus community to help us protect our campus," Howard said. "If you see something, say something. Our plan is to have the website up and running within the next couple of days, if not sooner. It is our responsibility to protect our campus and to show Norse campus unity."

The Northerner, the independent campus newspaper, reported:

Sometime during Friday night to Saturday morning, Patriot Front—the white extremist group that vandalized campus in late January—returned back to campus and vandalized the Housing rock for a second time, along with stickers throughout campus.

The rock was previously painted with different faces of Black students and crowns and black and yellow hearts on one side and the name of eight African American Student Initiatives organizations. Patriot Front spraypainted white Xs over the faces, crowns and hearts and spraypainted their logo beside the faces and the organizations.

Continuing through campus, several spots had stickers posted on them reading “Reject poison” and “Not stolen. Conquered” 

The Kentucky chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) also issued a statement.   

“It is a moral obligation to speak out whenever anti-Black racism, white supremacy or other forms of bigotry are displayed in our state or nationwide," said CAIR Kentucky Chair Dr. Salah Shakir. "Racist groups must learn that they are rejected by the overwhelming majority of Americans.”  

-Staff report

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