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Covington Church Adds "Relief Ministry", Access to Restroom for Homeless

A Covington church announced that it has added a new ministry, expanding access to a restroom for people experiencing homelessness.

First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) placed a portable toilet in its parking lot at 14 West 5th Street as part of what it is called its new "Relief Ministry."

"During the pandemic, people experiencing homelessness have had fewer places to use the restroom. Our friends have resorted to using places that do not offer privacy.  This creates health hazards," the church said in an announcement.

The portable toilet has been dubbed "Porta John 3:16", a sort-of portmanteau of a brand name for a portable toilet (Porta-John) and a Bible verse, John 3:16.

"Our friends now have a place to relieve themselves in privacy. Everyone deserves a place to go to the restroom with dignity," the church said.

Two banners will soon be added to the sides of the portable toilet along with a welcome mat, the church said.

-Staff report