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Latonia's Barb Cook Park Renovation to Be Celebrated with Grand Opening

A ribbon will be cut on the renovated Barb Cook Park in Latonia.

The park, on Ashland Avenue and Madison Pike, is already open to the public.

“It’s filled with kids almost every single day,” said City of Covington Parks and Recreation Manager Ben Oldiges said.

There is a new shelter for picnics and the Covington Street Hockey League plays in the rink across the street.

The $300,000 upgrade will be celebrated on Saturday during a grand opening/ribbon-cutting event on Saturday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

The event will include food trucks and other festivities.

Barb Cook Park is named for a longtime Latonia advocate. Its renovation includes new playground equipment, walking paths, and more.

Across the street, a partnership with the Covington Street Hockey League led to a rink being built with private funds where the long-closed tennis courts used to be.

The brightly colored purple, yellow, and blue play equipment is indicative of the new energy brought to the park, Oldiges said.

“It was small, outdated, and almost sad-looking before, but now it’s vibrant and there’s a lot of excitement surrounding it,” he said.

Future work on Barb Cook will include major improvements to the basketball courts, including resurfacing and new goals, Oldiges said. The court will also be striped not only for basketball but also for other games, such as four-square, volleyball, and pickleball (a trendy new sport that mixes tennis with badminton and table tennis).

-Staff report