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Scavenger Hunt Coming to Newport's Spring Fling

NKY Finders Keepers, the local scavenger hunt, returns for the weekend Newport's Spring Fling event.

The Spring Fling is an annual sidewalk sale with special window displays and seasonal restaurant menus along the Monmouth Street corridor and is scheduled for Saturday, April 24.

NKY Finders Keepers can be played from 5 p.m. Friday to 6 p.m. on Sunday that weekend, April 23-25.

The free scavenger hunt was created by Jill Morenz from the Catalytic Fund. She describes it as “a fun, no-cost way for people to explore the art, architecture and businesses on Monmouth Street, while finding clues and solving puzzles.” 

Prizes include merchandise and gift cards from Newport businesses.

The NKY Finders Keepers scavenger hunts were launched last year over Thanksgiving weekend. The hunt provided a family-friendly, COVID-safe activity for the long weekend. As a fundraiser, it brought in over $1,800 to support the Catalytic Fund’s public art initiatives, including NKY ArtQuest, NKY Art Tours and the Public Arts Network of Northern Kentucky

A free version of the hunt was created for Newport on the Levee’s Valentine’s Day celebration. 

The clue locations in the Spring Fling hunt will be found in the public art, architecture and window displays on Monmouth Street, starting from the “Tribute to Newport mural” and ending at the World Peace Bell Center. The entire hunt can be done with just a smart phone, but players might find it helpful to bring along a piece of paper and a pen. While supplies last, there will be pencils and Code Keys available by the Finder Keepers easel sign at the Tribute to Newport mural.

For more information about Spring Fling and the scavenger hunt, visit

-Staff report