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Park Hills Approves Pandemic Bonuses, Vacation Time for Employees

The City of Park Hills authorized a one-time payment of $1,000 to all full-time city employees and $500 to part-time employees as assistance to them amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Council offered its gratitude to its city employees in approving the measure.

Also at this month's meeting, council adopted an ordinance vacating part of Old State Road, which will be gated and used only for emergency vehicles as part of the new Park Pointe subdivision.

Council also voted to change its payroll tax plan. The city removed a cap of $50,000, and will now tax all of an employees income at 1.5 percent.

The city also amended a personnel policy related to vacation time. Previously an employee had to be at the city for fifteen years in order to qualify for four weeks of vacation, but other cities were much more lenient, so council voted to change the fifteen years to five years so that the employees can get four weeks of vacation after five years of employment, similar to other cities.

Discussion was held about some people parking on the sidewalks on Amsterdam and Jackson, although some said that there is no sidewalk on Jackson, but the complaint is still there. Mayor Kathy Zembrodt stated that some time ago she sent out letters telling residents if they parked on the sidewalk they would be ticketed, but the problem is still there.

Council talked about people not stopping at stop signs, including one at Terrace and Old State, and another at Arlington and Aberdeen, but Police Chief Cody Stanley assured council that they are aware of the problem.

Tractor trailers on the streets was also a topic of conversation, and Mayor Zembrodt and some others agreed that they have to cite the drivers, because they believe some companies don't pay attention unless they feel the pain in their pockets. However, sometimes the trucks are being directed up through the small streets of Park Hills as a shortcut due to the congestion caused by the Brent Spence Bridge repairs on I-71/75.

City Clerk Julie Alig explained that the city reached out to companies to get bids for trash and recycling, but only Rumpke got back with a bid, which is $17.24 per unit. Alig explained that the cost per year last year was $198 per unit per year, and this year it will be $206.88 per unit per year. 

This represents a 4 percent increase, and council voted for it.

-Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor