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Lacy Starling addresses Newport's city commission

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Legion Logistics to Receive Tax Incentives for Newport Move

The Newport city commission approved a payroll tax incentive for Legion Logistics Monday night.

The Florence-based company is moving to Newport on the Levee to occupy the space formerly home to Dewey's Pizza.

Lacy Starling, owner and president of Legion Logistics, a third-party logistics provider, stated jokingly that the company had nothing to do with the departure of the pizza parlor, which vacated as the Levee is undergoing a major renovation. 

RCN previously reported that the company spent nearly two years searching for a new home before deciding to move to Newport on the Levee. 

"We are so looking forward to moving into Newport," Starling said during the virtual commission meeting. "We are so excited to be a part of the new development there. I think it's just going to do wonderful things for Newport and it's just going to do wonderful things for our company."

As part of business attraction - which provides ample revenue to the city - Newport Manager Thomas Fromme said during the meeting that the city has a program that allows companies to submit a plan that guarantees a number of new jobs that will be brought in. If the plan meets the City Manager's threshold, he will come to the city commission with a tax incentive to be voted on. 

In this case, the incentive was a 40 percent rebate on Newport's 2.5 percent payroll tax rate. It was unanimously passed by commission. 

Legion Logistics has been credited with being a major driving force behind the estimated $100 million renovations taking place at Newport on the Levee.

Mayor Tom Guidugli extended a warm welcome to Legion Logistics from Newport. 

-Connor Wall, associate editor

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