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Bellevue Schools Launch NUE Vue Program

Bellevue Independent Schools announced the launch of a new program, NUE Vue, an acronym for New Urban Education (Bellevue).

A new page on the district's website went live on Friday explaining the concept.

The site directs parents and students to explore three choices for curriculum in the next school year: all in-person, all-virtual, and a hybrid.

"We are focused on experiential learning," said Superintendent Robb Smith. "It is exciting."

The program was originally slated to launch a year ago before being disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic. But that disruption allowed the district to reevaluate its plans for NUE. "While disappointed in the delay, the pandemic actually became a clarifying agent for our purpose," the website reads. "We watched as some students thrived in an alternate setting; we saw the power of technology; most importantly, we were able to have meaningful conversations with students and families about their preferred visions of school."

While the original program was to focus on "transition readiness" for graduating seniors, but following the pandemic's disruption and hundreds of district-wide conversations, NUE has expanded to K-12 areas.

"A year of unexpected challenges has formed a new reality for all of us. And while we've regained pieces of the typical school day, things have undoubtedly changed. Today’s students are learning in an environment that looks like nothing we’ve seen before, and yesterday’s methods no longer prepare our students for tomorrow’s world," the district explained. "Our path forward isn't one straight line back to former methods. It consists of many avenues for success that serve the diverse needs of our unique student population while challenging the traditional definitions of what school looks like in an urban setting.

"That is the concept of a New Urban Education at Bellevue Independent Schools."

There are different NUE experiences for each of the district's three schools: Grandview Elementary, and Bellevue middle and high schools.

At the high school, there will be opportunities for students to job-shadow, take dual credit classes, and choose from up to a dozen career pathways as part of a transition readiness focus.

The River City School Network, which includes Newport, Covington, and Dayton, in addition to Bellevue, will offer a different subject at each for students to participate in. Bellevue will specialize in aviation while Newport will have carpentry, Covington will have ROTC, and Dayton will have education.

The board was glad to see all the changes, which are meant to be more inclusive, so that all students will have an option that fits them, and different subjects and pathways are introduced also to include the interests of more students.

In other business, the board of education voted to decline participation in allowing a supplemental school year for students to return for an additional if they believed they had lost learning opportunities during virtual learning prompted by the pandemic.

The district has assistance in place to help anyone suffering learning loss, it was determined.

The district will also offer a one-time stipend of $600 to full-time classified and certified employees, as well as a pro-rated stipend to part-time employees.

Renovations across the district were also discussed. A new roof for Grandview is expected this summer.

Graduation will be in person this year on May 28 but there will be limits on attendance and seating.

-Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor

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