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Erlanger Historical Society Merges with Elsmere, City Says They're Welcome to Return

The Erlanger Historical Society announced this week that it is merging with the Elsmere Historical Society.

In the announcement, the Erlanger organization pointed to the City of Erlanger.

"Due to the revitalization of the 1877 Depot on Crescent Ave in Erlanger, KY owned by the City of Erlanger. The Erlanger Mayor and City Council decided they will no longer need the gift giving arm of the Erlanger Historical Society Volunteers.," the Erlanger Historic Society said in the announcement.

The society said that it had been part of the historic Depot Museum for thirty years, and offered thanks to past mayors and city councils.

"Times’s (sic) change, administrations change and new ideas surface," the society's announcement read. "This Erlanger Mayor and City Council would like to go a different direction and asked the Erlanger Historical Society to vacate the premises by the end of April 2021. They will no longer need volunteers for the Community Center revitalization of the 1877 Depot. The museum will be closed for at least a year. And after the revitalization the city would not have room for an office for the Erlanger Volunteers. There are lots of questions about what will happen to the Erlanger history and artifacts and heritage that is housed in the Museum. The EHS volunteers wish the city of Erlanger much success in the new face of the 1877 Depot. Which (sic) is a treasure for the Erlanger community. It is the last remaining wooden depot on the old Southern RR Line and is listed on the Department of the Interior National Registry."

The River City News reached out to the City of Erlanger for its perspective and received the following statement:

"We wish the Erlanger Historical Society the best with its future plans. Our administration continues to make badly needed improvements to the Depot Museum, accounting for and maintaining all historical artifacts and ensuring that the history of our community will be properly portrayed in the manner and with the respect it deserves so future generations will know the story of Erlanger. An invitation has been extended to EHS, which is welcome to resume meeting at the museum when the renovations are completed later this year. The invitation still stands."

Meanwhile, the newly named Erlanger & Elsmere Historical Society will be housed in the Elsmere Senior Center, the announcement said. The Erlanger society expressed thanks to Elsmere Mayor Marty Lenhoff, Elsmere city council, and the senior center "for the gracious welcome".

"We will have an office for research and the nice large community room for our meetings. Our new challenge will be doing a history for the City of Elsmere to be presented at the dedication of the new Elsmere City Building in 2022," the announcement said.

The joint historical society's first meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, May 12, at 6:30 p.m. at 179 Dell Avenue in Elsmere.

-Michael Monks, editor & publisher

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