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Bellevue Artist's Pieces Collected Across Country

Art is meant to be shared, according to artist Susan Cramer.

Cramer, 47, of Bellevue, has been delving in the arts all her life. An only child growing up on a small farm, art kept her occupied. 

“It has always been my go-to,” she said.

It’s also always been her way to connect with others. 

“I can only hope others enjoy it as much as I enjoy creating it,” she said. “I hope to instill the calmness I feel when painting, into the painting itself. I really hope it brings others peace and happiness.” 

Through her art, she’s formed relationships with those from all over the United States, who collect her pieces.

“I am a very prolific painter,” Cramer said. “I do a lot of commission pieces, pet portraits, and landscapes. I do not show my work anywhere. I mainly sell online from my Facebook Page: Artist Susan Cramer." 

One of her collectors is Pat Tobin from Olympia, Washington.

“I have been a huge fan of Susan's for about two years,” Tobin said. “Her unique style is so refreshing and has been not only a great gift option for giving to my many friends who truthfully have it all, but  many of her works of art have found special places in my home. Her talent is amazing.”

Cramer, who is a self-taught painter, works mostly in acrylic on canvas. She tends to paint a lot of miniatures, but recently completed a 4-foot by 5-foot commission for a couple in Chicago. 

“But, I like to work with all kinds of different things,” she said. “Anything that requires creativity is fun. I take a lot of photos. I use them for reference all the time. It may be something as simple as a sunset or a tree. I mostly paint from photographs. I love to capture the light in a painting.” 

She also loves combining her passions for animals with her love of painting.

“Animals are probably what I enjoy painting the most,” she said. “I'd have to say one of my favorites is the deer in the wood. It has such a serenity about it. It is one of the few paintings I have kept over the years.”

The wildest thing she’s created? 

“I used to work in an automotive factory,” she said. “I once painted flames down the sides of the massive ovens I worked on.”

When she’s not painting, Cramer is operating Pet Wants, a pet store that exists to improve the nutrition, health, vitality and well-being of pets throughout North America. 

“Lisa Kelly and I started Pet Wants Fort Thomas five years ago in May,” Cramer said. “We bought the Florence/Fort Mitchell territory two years ago. We have been best friends since I moved to the area. We both had a love for pets. It was a wonderful opportunity to help animals with providing fresh, local pet food and quality pet products.”

It’s a great gig, but painting is Cramer’s truest passion. 

“It brings me peace,” she said. “Art is a huge part of everyone's life, whether we notice it or not. An artist created the shampoo bottle you use every day and about everything else we use. Mother Nature is the greatest artist of all, sometimes we miss the beauty that is all around us. 

“Creativity plays a huge role in learning problem solving, analytical thinking, and hand-eye coordination. The first thing we do with our children is hand them crayons. It is the best therapy in the world. It expands your mind and feeds your soul. To me, you don't have to have talent or be perfect. Art is about being creative and having fun.”

-Melissa Reinert, RCN contributor

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