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St. Elizabeth Donates Covington Thrift Store to Brighton Center

A Covington thrift store operated by St. Elizabeth Healthcare is changing hands.

The large local health care provider announced Tuesday that it is donating the property at 2014 Eastern Avenue to Newport-based Brighton Center, which had closed its own Clothing Closet thrift store after fifty years amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

St. Elizabeth's Second Time Around shop will remain on Eastern Avenue, now operated by Brighton Center and under a new name.

“Brighton Center is deeply grateful to St. Elizabeth Healthcare for this incredible gift. At the onset of the COVID-19 Pandemic, we had to close our Clothing Closet thrift store in Newport so that we could pivot to meet the increased hunger relief needs of our families,” said Wonda Winkler, president and chief executive officer of Brighton Center. “This gift will enable us to open our thrift store at a new location and carry on the legacy St. Elizabeth has had to the community through their, a true win-win. 

"St. Elizabeth is an exemplary community leader, and this gift is just one of countless examples. They are a blessing to our region.”  

Second Time Around will close Wednesday, May 5, through June 8 as it transitions ownership and undergoes cosmetic updates.

The plan is for the renamed shop to reopen on June 9. A new name for the shop was not released.

The store will offer high-quality and affordable clothing and household items for families in need, and shoppers in general.

Another new opportunity for the space will be the use of the second-floor as affordable housing when operated by Brighton Center.

“St. Elizabeth Healthcare is proud to partner with Brighton Center to help keep and expand an essential community resource for those who need it most,” said Sarah Giolando, senior vice president and chief strategy officer of St. Elizabeth Healthcare. “Over the past 40 years, the St. Elizabeth Second Time Around Shop has provided families within our community access to clothes, furniture, and household goods that they otherwise wouldn’t have been able to afford. We are honored to have Brighton Center carry on this community service for years to come.”

-Staff report

Photo: Second Time Around in Covington (Michael Monks/RCN)

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