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New Covington Shop Hierophany and Hedge Offers Visitors a Unique Experience

The newly opened Hierophany and Hedge, located at 19 West Pike Street in Covington, is a unique shop that sells everything one would need to conduct magic - including wands, books, crystals, talismans, reagents, and more. 

The shop was opened by a couple using the pseudonyms Augur and Coil, who hope to give visitors a unique experience that can't be found elsewhere. 

"We live in a world where the majority of material items can easily be found and bought through our phones," Augur said. "We want to remind people that there's more to life than that and give them an experience."

Coil added that she hopes the public comes into the shop with an open mind.  

Although the store is celebrating its soft-opening today, its operating hours may vary and Augur encourages customers to check its website before visiting. 

-Connor Wall, associate editor


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