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Kenton Co. Constable Indicted on Endangerment, Unlawful Imprisonment Charges


Kenton County Constable Danny Cope was indicted in Boone County this week and arrested Thursday on charges related to an incident in March.

According to the Boone County Sheriff's Office, which reported Cope's arrest, Cope was the target of a complaint received after he served a writ of possession in the neighboring county.

Cope, 66, went to 550 Mt. Zion Road at the WoodSpring Apartments in Florence to serve the writ on March 12 in relation to a past due amount owed by a tenant to a rent-to-own company.

According to deputies, Cope was wearing his constable uniform and identified himself as a police officer while knocking on the tenant's door.

In Kentucky, constables only have jurisdiction in the counties in which they are elected. Cope, of Covington, represents Kenton County Constable District 1. Florence is in Boone County.

According to the Boone Co. Sheriff's Office, Cope, who is a professional locksmith, and another individual from the rent-to-own company were blocked by the WoodSpring resident after the lock to the unit had been picked.

The resident did not believe that Cope was a police officer and shouted that he had a weapon when Cope began to force his way into the unit, deputies said. According to the sheriff's office, Cope then threatened to kill the resident and pulled a handgun and pointed it at the resident as he continued to force his way in.

The resident then called 911.

Inside the apartment, Cope allegedly followed the resident into a bedroom and held him there by blocking the doorway while holding a canister of pepper spray for approximately ten minutes, deputies said. 

Ultimately, the situation was resolved with no injuries, but investigators in Boone Co. began to look into the matter.

Cope was indicted by a Boone County grand jury on Tuesday on one count of first degree wanton endangerment, one count of second degree unlawful imprisonment, and one count of second degree official misconduct.

He was arrested on Thursday and placed in the Kenton County Detention Center on $10,000 bond.

According to the Legislative Research Commission, in Kentucky, "constables are peace officers with broad powers of arrest and authority to serve court processes. They may execute warrants, summonses, subpoenas, attachments, notices, rules, and orders of the court in all criminal, penal, and civil cases (KRS 70.350). Any constable may, upon approval of the county fiscal court, equip vehicles used as emergency vehicles with flashing, rotating, or oscillating blue lights and a siren, whistle, or bell (KRS 189.950). Chapter 7 of this publication includes a more extensive description of the powers of peace officers."

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