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Lloyd Softball Program Hopes to Bring Alumni to Play in Weekend Game

Lloyd Memorial High School in Erlanger is hosting an alumni softball game this Saturday, May 22, at 3 p.m. at the softball field named for William Gentry.

His granddaughter, Jordan Gentry, is currently head coach of the Juggernauts softball team, and she had been thinking that it was time to get all the alumni softball players together, but she is aware that there are some players who are more difficult to reach, since they might not be on social media, and the school might not have a current address or phone number.

"We were thinking of having the game in the summer, but I had a lot of interest in an alumni game, and I didn't want to lose out," she said. "They have held alumni games for basketball and volleyball, so I thought we ought to hold a softball game now, before we go to the district tournament on May 29."

Gentry said that if any player or coach, no matter how long ago they played, would like to come, they can call her at 859-414-2079, or they can show up before game time at 3 p.m. on Saturday, and they will put them on a team.

"We have 20 signed up right now, and that is exactly how many we need to play the game," she explained, "but we need extra players, some to run bases for other players, and some players to give the other players a break. It looks like it will be hot this weekend!"

Gentry graduated in 2015, and she said that her mom played softball at Lloyd, as did two of her aunts. She also said she has a sister and a cousin currently on the team. She is proud of the fact that the Gentry name is a bit of a softball dynasty at the school.

Anyone who would like to come and play shouldn't worry if they no longer have a glove, or equipment. Gentry said that she has plenty of extra gloves and bats, and even older jerseys. She said she was thinking of dividing the players into "old school" and "new school".

In addition, she said that they will have hot dogs and hamburgers, as well as Gatorade and water for the event.

The school is sticking to a rule for 75 percent capacity at the game, but Gentry said that they will be streaming the game live on Facebook, so people who don't feel comfortable attending can still enjoy the game at home.  

There is no fee to attend, but a donations jar will be available if anyone would like to support the program.

Gentry would like for the game to become a tradition.

-Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor

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