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River City Living: Life's a Breeze in Ludlow Condo

The Catalytic Fund has returned with its second season of its video series, Beyond the Curb Urban Living Tour.

The first episode of the new season brings us to a condo in Ludlow's River's Breeze community.

The full video can be seen here.

Each of the colorful accessories that enliven the décor has a story behind it.

Owner Charmaine Kessinger loves to be surrounded by things that remind her of family members, trips she has taken or artwork she has discovered. Through careful curation and unusual display techniques, her home remains serene and uncluttered. 

To show off the craftsmanship of her female family members, a dress form displays a velvet frock sewn by Charmaine’s grandmother. Nearby, hang a framed jacket, also made by her grandmother, and shadowboxes that contain Barbie clothes created by her aunt.

While learning to write, Charmaine’s sister filled pages with lines and circles. Charmaine had one of these pages printed onto fabric and stitched into a valance for the office window.

Other collections that adorn the walls include shimmering blown glass and polished antique watches. Charmaine’s childhood dollhouse, built by her father, sits on a table in the den. In one of the little rooms is a tiny stack of Cincinnati Enquirer newspapers, her father’s longtime employer.

The details of these nostalgic pieces are set off by the condo’s expansive views down the Ohio River. This inviting home welcomes visitors to enjoy its vistas and hear its stories.

All the episodes in the series can be watched at New episodes are released every Friday.

From the Catalytic Fund

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