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Three from Boone Co. Part of Statewide Group to Create Public Ed. Vision

Three from Boone County are among the 48 statewide to be added to the Kentucky Coalition for Advancing Education (KCAE).

KCAE will partner with Education Commissioner Jason Glass, the Kentucky Department of Education (KDE), the Center for Innovation in Education (CIE), and the Kentucky Board of Education (KBE) to create a vision for public education in the state.

“The Kentucky Coalition for Advancing Education will bring together diverse perspectives from across the Commonwealth,” Glass said. “The coalition will co-create a vision with communities, foster local innovations and advance policy recommendations to shape the future of education in Kentucky.” 

The coalition hosted its first meeting on Tuesday afternoon.

Beginning on April 6, Glass began a series of virtual town halls in conjunction with the state's education cooperatives and the University of Kentucky’s College of Education to seek feedback directly from parents, students, educators and community members on long-term aspirations for the Commonwealth’s education system.

With the listening tour almost complete, the KCAE will work to find themes in the input received.

The coalition will meet five times throughout June and July with department staff and members of C!E to create two documents that capture the strengths and needs of Kentucky’s public education system, and an aspirational vision for the students of the Commonwealth.

“From this work, we will build a future vision of education that is based on positive and meaningful experiences and think about how we can create more of those,” Glass said.

Members of the Kentucky Coalition for Advancing Education from Northern Kentucky are:

  • Deshae Barnhorst, a teacher at Collins Elementary
  • Rep. Ed Massey, a Republican from Hebron
  • Matthew Turner, Boone County Schools superintendent

-Staff report