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New Partnership Targets High School Educators for Financial Literacy

The Kentucky Financial Empowerment Commission  announced Tuesday a partnership between the Kentucky Credit Union League and the Northern Kentucky University Center for Economic Education (NKU CEE) to advance financial literacy  training for educators.

The partnership will provide ten scholarships for Kentucky high school educators interested in financial literacy professional development. 

“Providing teacher education is crucial to delivering quality financial education,” said Matt Frey,  executive director of the KFEC. “We are excited about this opportunity to partner with the  Kentucky Credit Union League and the NKU CEE to make this happen.” 

Educators must apply for the program scholarship by June 30.

The CEE’s training addresses House Bill 132, recently enacted into law, requiring high school students to complete a financial literacy program or course prior to graduation. Students who entered the ninth grade in 2020 will be the first graduating class graduating under the requirement.

The four-week professional development for teachers starts on July 6th and will be delivered fully online.  

“We are excited to work with the KFEC and the Kentucky Credit Union League to provide educator professional development and resources to teach financial literacy at our high schools. Improving the  financial capabilities of Kentuckians starts with investing in the educators,” said Dr. Abdullah Al Bahrani with the NKU CEE. 

“It’s critical our educators are given the confidence and the skills to successfully teach financial  literacy. Investing in our financial education is an all-around win; a win for the teacher, student, and  state,” Kentucky Credit Union League President Debbie Painter said. “Credit Unions across the  Commonwealth are honored to partner with the Commission in promoting and providing financial  well-being for all the citizens of Kentucky.” Through this partnership, KFEC and the Kentucky  Credit Union League will each provide five scholarships for a total of 10 available scholarships. 

To apply and learn more about teaching financial literacy, visit the KFEC’s website