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Photos: Blessing, Dedication of Updated Cathedral Facade

The updated and restored facade of the Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption in Covington was blessed and dedicated Sunday afternoon.

The ceremony, which closed surrounding streets, including Bishop Roger Foys and other local dignitaries.

RCN photographer Brian Frey produced the slideshow below.

Twenty-four new saint statues were added to the north, center, and south portals of the cathedral as well as in the tympana above the north and south portals.

The new tympana, together with the center portal tympanum that was completed in 1917, now create a tryptic of the Catholic Church’s dogmatic teachings of Mary — the Annunciation that Mary would be the Mother of God; the Assumption of Mary to heaven; and the Coronation of Mary, Queen of the Universe.

The project completes the vision of Covington’s third bishop, Camillus Maes, who desired to build as a gift for the people of Covington a magnificent Cathedral that would “speak for centuries.”

For more on the work, and two art exhibits underway now, click here.

Slideshow Images & Captions: