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River City Living: NY Transplant Finds New Home, Urban Farm in Dayton

This week's episode of Beyond the Curb, the Catalytic Fund-produced video tour of homes in Northern Kentucky's River Cities, brings us back to Dayton.

The cottage at the center of the episode is in a neighborhood both walkable and friendly with an urban flair.

To watch the episode, click here.

It also offered the owner a blank slate when it came to the house and yard. By combining a unified color palette with handmade furniture and quirky collections, she has created a welcoming, personalized home in a thriving garden setting, as well as growing a new side business for herself.

Susan Beresford is a textile designer by trade and is inspired by the organic forms and colors of flowers and plants. When she turned her designer’s eye to her yard, she took advantage of the fertile Kentucky soil and wound up with a bountiful harvest of tomatoes, peppers and onions. She used some of this produce to experiment with different Bloody Mary mix recipes. When her friends gathered for brunch in her backyard, they loved her concoctions as much as the lush setting.

She called her new business “Farm to Hangover.”

Needing more room to grow, Beresford is now leasing a vacant lot from the City of Dayton, which she has turned into an urban farm. She looks forward to a large harvest and many more jars of flavorful Bloody Mary mixes.

With her pretty house, flourishing gardens and cute neighborhood, this New York transplant has been able to grow and blossom in Northern Kentucky.

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