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Boutique Short-Term Rental Hotel Opening in Downtown Covington

A new twist on short-term rentals is coming to downtown Covington.

Starting Monday, June 21, eight themed short-term rentals will be available for booking through the company Neat Suites which will operate the Pickle Factor Boutique Hotel at 420 Madison Avenue.

The $1.9 million historic warehouse redevelopment was awarded city-incentives last year. The project was first announced by developer Tony Milburn.

The warehouse was more formally known as the Wenzel Building, constructed in 1873, though it is referred to now as the "Pickle Factory", according to 2005 article published by the Kenton County Historical Society and written by Karl Lietzenmayer.

According to that article, the story of the building is "convoluted" but notes that it was home at one time to the African-American Odd Fellows.

Interestingly, the building is a short, half-block walk from the more prominently known Odd Fellows Hall at Fifth Street and Madison Avenue, which was also redeveloped by Milburn.

"The history of this building is just awesome - it's been so many things," Milburn told RCN last year. "It's just a wonderful example of an 1870s-style industrial building, and it's had a rough life. But its scars are what make it beautiful."

Neat Suites was founded in 2019 and is based in Covington. Its listings around the region can be seen here.

“We are so excited to push the bar of guest experience with these themed, high design, short-term rentals," Neat Suites Co-founders Jeremiah Hines and Ed Feldmann said in a news release. "This is not a place guests will come to simply sleep for a night, they will come here to live in the moment. It’s a place where imagination and reality collide.” 

In addition to eight suites at the Pickle Factory, the site will also play host to what it calls a "bourbon blending experience."

-Staff report