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Former Erlanger SuperBowl to Become Strike & Spare Family Fun Center

The bowling alley known as SuperBowl in Erlanger has new owners and a new name, and there are big plans for what is now known as Strike & Spare.

The Hendersonville, Tenn.-based company also operates Western Bowl in Cincinnati, as well as four other spots in Kentucky, eight in Tennessee, and one in Indiana.

In Erlanger, the complex is being renovated and when opened, will operate seven days a week and 360 days a year, more than doubling the previous business's schedule, the company said.

The goal is to transform the aged facility into a family fun center like Strike & Spare's other locations.

The second floor of the building will feature multiple activities such as bumper cars, a roller skating rink, a virtual roller coaster (with different experiences for different-aged children), a large arcade room, laser tag, and, of course, bowling.

"We love our leagues," said Phillip Cox, Strike & Spare director of marketing and revenue. "What we do is bowling, at our core."

The space will include a food court, too.

On the first floor, the bowling lanes will remain with improved scoring systems. Skybar will be updated along with the menu.

Strike & Spare wants bowling leagues to return to the location. There were 1,300 leagues at Superbowl in 2019, the company said.

This is a site that Strike & Spare has looked at for some time.

"We have had our eye on this center for the better part of a decade," said Cox. "The owners had two bowling centers, and they didn't want to separate them, but we didn't need two centers. Then we found out they might sell them separately, and we contacted them immediately."

He said that the center has a great location, being very close to a major expressway, close to Cincinnati, and in a good community.

Strike & Spare was founded in 1977 by Larry Schmittou, who wanted to create a center where everyone in the family could come and have a great time. He built the first Bowling Entertainment Center in Hendersonville, Tennessee, and over the years expanded.

At approximately 68,000 square feet, upstairs and down, the Erlanger center will be one of the company's largest. 

The upstairs will be closed while workers tear out the current decor and partition the area for the various entertainment sections. The upstairs bowling alleys will be winnowed down to ten lanes, which will receive a facelift from all-wood to synthetic, which the company believes to be more durable.

Cox said that there will be exterior improvements, too.

The refreshed and more inviting center will play host to parties with the option to host more than a dozen each Saturday, Cox said. Such parties, which can be scheduled every thirty minutes, include pizza and unlimited soft drinks.

General Manager Bryan Loudermilk said that he expects to have a grand opening on November 1 just in time for the holidays (and yes, it will be open on Thanksgiving and Christmas, though with shorter hours).

"We  are Cheers," said Cox, referencing the 1980s NBC sitcom about a familiar neighborhood bar. "We want to know what your name is, and who you are. We provide clean family fun. We are family."

-Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor

Photos provided and include examples of interior from other locations

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General Manager Bryan Loudermilk, Owner Ron Schmittou, and Director of Revenue Phillip Cox