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New Traffic Warning System Coming to Cold Spring Intersection

An Intersection Conflict Warning System (ICWS) is coming to Cold Spring.

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet - District 6 Office described the system as "an innovative solution intended to improve intersection awareness."

It will be in service this week at intersection of AA Highway (KY 9) and Glenridge Dr./Ivy Ridge Dr.

The detection system operates similarly to the traffic loops used to sense vehicles to activate traffic signals and detects traffic on all approaches. Traffic on KY 9 will be notified of entering traffic from the side street, and vehicles on the side street will be notified of approaching traffic on KY 9. 

These systems are effective in reducing crashes involving vehicles entering or crossing a major road, the transportation cabinet said. They also reduce the difficulty associated with determining appropriate gaps in traffic.

The ICWS gives drivers real-time warnings about traffic conditions.

Drivers are asked to be aware of the new warning system and be alert for the changes in traffic flow it will bring to the intersection.

ICWS study results show a significant reduction for total, fatal and injury, right-angle, and rear-end crashes, KYTC said. These systems have shown to be cost-effective safety improvements, the announcement said.

-Staff report

Image via PDS