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River City Living: Three Spirits in Bellevue May Also Reference Ghosts

In this week's episode of Beyond the Curb, the urban living video tour series produced by the Catalytic Fund, we visit Three Spirits Tavern in Bellevue.

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The name of the Fairfield Avenue watering hole is a reference to three alcoholic spirits (beer, wine, and bourbon), as well as to the owners' three-person family.

But now it also references what the family says is former residents of the building, who are heard and seen, even though they have been dead for decades.

The building has been converted into a tavern on the first floor and an apartment on the second floor. The apartment has been used as a short-term residence for the owners, as well as a guest suite for visiting family. It will soon be an Airbnb rental. 

The apartment's original features - fireplaces, wood floors, 10-ft. ceilings - are complemented by new-yet-classic elements in the kitchen and bathroom. The furniture and walls have been accessorized by the owner of another Bellevue business, Ampersand Home, making the rooms cozy and inviting.

The tavern itself is also an inviting space, created out of the original living and dining rooms of the house and offering outdoor seating in the lot next door. One of their signature drinks, the Funken Old Fashioned, is named after the home's original owner, Nick Funken, a coal broker.

The concoction is poured over a black ice cube that resembles a lump of coal.

In the episode, owner Charlie Zimmerman explains what it's like to live and work with the spirits that still inhabit the property.

"They're not evil," he says.

He and his wife, Leslie Blair, are happy to be able to preserve the house and make it a vibrant part of the Bellevue Entertainment District.

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