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River City Living: Newport Laundromat Becomes Stylish Home

This week's Beyond the Curb brings us to Newport where a former laundromat was transformed into a stylish home.

The urban living video series produced by the Catalytic Fund introduces us to developer Duane Cronin of Diversified Capital Management.

The episode can be viewed here.

Located in Newport’s historic East Row neighborhood, the architecture of the building stands out. However, simple changes like recessing the front door, adding a dormer and a new gable window make it look more residential than commercial.

Inside, once the washers and dryers were carted off and the dropped ceiling was removed, the beautiful roof truss structure was revealed. Cronin decided to highlight the old beams by vaulting and paneling the ceiling and adding a loft level at the back of the house.

The home is surprisingly roomy with a large living space, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, laundry and storage on the first level. Cronin and his wife, Nicole, moved in after the renovation was complete, just in time for the birth of their son and arrival of the other new family member, a large, enthusiastic dog. 

The other feature that survived the conversion is the concrete floor. Cronin re-poured it, added a darkening stain and then sealed it. The contemporary vibe, as well as ease of maintenance, appeals to the couple’s design sensibility.

Even though their house is a bit of an anomaly amid the neighboring historic homes, the Cronins love living in the East Row. Moving here from the west coast, they appreciate the hometown feel of Newport and the friendliness of the entire region.  

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