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Holmes Co-Principals Present Plan for Online Learning Program

The co-principals at Holmes High School presented a plan for continued virtual online learning for the next school year, which will be an option for students, to the Covington board of education.

Tony Magner and Angela Turnick said that the virtual option would be helpful to those students who may need extra time to process lessons.

And some families in the district may still be concerned about the COVID-19 pandemic that disrupted the previous school year, and may opt to keep their children at home.

The pair determined that a program called Edgenuity is best for their students, allowing students to work on their lessons independently rather than signing in and watching a class.

Through this program, the students work at their own pace and won't be locked into a regular school day timeframe.

However, if a student falls behind and is failing, he or she will have to come back to campus for assistance with the program. Once caught up, they can return to virtual learning.

Turnick said there would be a mandatory orientation for parents, and they would have to provide an email address, so that they can receive updates. Parents will be able to get in touch with teachers anytime if they have questions.

Students have to apply for this program online, and the program will be limited to those who have shown success in the program.

The principals have asked for an additional teacher, and the ratio of students to teacher will be 75 to 1.   

The board approved two new teachers for the virtual program.

Director of Technology Jamarcus White gave a lengthy report on the technology plan for the district. He told the board that WiFi coverage in the district will be boosted significantly in the next school year.

The board voted to create a new position for the district, the executive director of Human Resources and Operations.

The board will set up three meetings to discuss the superintendent's annual evaluation. Board president Glenda Huff said that her goal was to have it finished by July 13, and present it by July 14.  

It would then be released at the next board meeting.

-Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor