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On National Fried Chicken Day, Airheads Jokingly Introduces Sandwich Bun

If your mouth is watering on National Fried Chicken Day, prepare to place your tongue firmly in cheek like Perfetti Van Melle has for the occasion.

The candy-maker whose North American operations are based in Erlanger is well-known for its Airheads brand.

Now, as part of a fun foray into the chicken sandwich wars, the company introduced a sandwich bun made entirely out of their flagship confection.

Asked why the maker of Airheads believes it could enter the chicken market with the likes of Popeye's, Wendy's, Chick-fil-A, and the rest, Perfetti shared an air of mystery.

"That is for us to know and all of those other chicken restaurants to find out. On July 6, 2021, National Fried Chicken Day, the world will finally see what's been missing in chicken," said Craig Cuchra, vice president of marketing for Perfetti Van Melle North America. 

While Airheads candy has been in the food business since 1985, they have never ventured outside of candy. And they have never attempted a fried chicken sandwich before.

"So what? Before the moon landing, there was no moon landing. It was the first time anybody ever landed on it," joked Cuchra. "So there's some precedent of people not ever doing something before and then suddenly doing the thing they never did."

Asked if Airheads making a fried chicken sandwich is anything like the moon landing, Cuchra replied, "It is exactly like that. And on July 6, 2021, we're launching into space and planting our flag on that big gray rock in the sky...which in this case is a perfect metaphor for making a fried chicken sandwich with a candy bun."

Airheads doesn't own any restaurants or brick and mortar locations to sell the sandwich. To that, Airheads says they just got a food truck, duh.

-Staff report

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