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Photos: Moose Convention Event in Taylor Mill

Moose International hosted its annual convention in Cincinnati and included a large event in Taylor Mill.
While most of the activities were held at the Duke Energy Center in downtown Cincinnati, the Covington Moose Lodge in Taylor Mill hosted some as well.
On Saturday, an event featured Tommy the Moose stuffed animals that are passed out to children experiencing a distressing situation.
"Since the program started in 2002, we have given out 100,000 Tommy moose animals," said Neal Yates, administrator of the Lodge in Taylor Mill.
The stuffed mooses were distributed to the Kenton County Police, the Taylor Mill Police, the Kenton County Sheriff's Office, the Covington Police, the Covington Fire Departmemt, the Taylor Mill Fire Department, and St. Elizabeth Healthcare.
This week alone, the Moose event led to a donation of $50,000 to Cincinnati Children's Hospital.
Officials spoke of the community generated by the Moose lodges, and they encouraged all the police and first responders to consider them a partner, and feel welcome here.
"From all our 1500 lodges across the nation, we want to thank you for what you do," Scott Hart said. "The Moose fraternity has your back."
Photos by Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor
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