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TANK, Metro Riders Can Now Use Cash for Mobile Tickets

Riders of TANK and Metro buses in Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati can now use cash to purchase mobile tickets thanks to the launch of a new option across the EZfare payment system.

With more transit agencies seeking contactless and low-touch ticketing solutions, this move ensures that cash-paying riders will have access to touch-free services, the transit agencies said in a news release.

Through the Transit app with EZfare, transit users can use their smartphones to plan trips, pay fare, and track buses in real time. Beginning Wednesday, riders can add funds to their EZfare mobile ticketing account, which can then be used to buy mobile tickets when needed. These mobile tickets can be displayed directly on customers’ smartphones when boarding the bus.

Riders can add funds via credit card in the Transit app, or with cash at the Metro/TANK Sales Office (120 East Fourth Street, Mercantile Center Arcade, Cincinnati).

“Metro is excited to offer this new stored value feature so that more riders, including those who don’t have banking relationships, may take advantage of the app’s convenient and contactless fare payment option—along with free transfers that come with each mobile ticket,” said Darryl Haley, Metro CEO and general manager. “This is just one more benefit of using the app, which offers trip planning and real-time tracking to make riding easy.”

"Using Transit app just got even easier – load value in the app and never worry that you don’t have change or bills in your pocket. TANK and Metro are making it even easier to use transit in our region,” said Andrew Aiello, TANK general manager.

-Staff report