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NKY Health Dept.: COVID-19 Cases Rising in Region

The current COVID-19 case count across Northern Kentucky varies from zip code to zip code, data from the Northern Kentucky Health Department shows.

In a tweet on Friday, the health department said, in a graphic illustrating the current incidence rate across the region, "We've come too far and worked too hard to go back now."

The department said that COVID-19 cases are on the rise in the region.

The seven-day incidence rate is calculated by taking the total number of unique cases in a zip code over the past seven days, dividing it by seven to get a daily average, divided by the U.S. Census Bureau estimated population within the zip code, and multiplied by 100,000 to get the incidence rate per 100,000 people. 

Zip codes like 41016 (Ludlow/Bromley/part of Covington), 41092 (southern Boone Co.), 41076 (Campbell Co.), 41015 (Covington/Latonia/Taylor Mill/Independence), and 41063 (southern Kenton Co.) show as "on track" with zero to very few cases currently.

They are highlighted as green on the local map.

Meanwhile, zip codes like 41080 (northwestern Boone Co.), 41048 (Hebron), and 41097 (Williamstown/Grant Co.) are highlighted as red, or "critical", with incidence rates at or above 25.

Forty-six cases were reported on Thursday, the department said. That number is far lower than the daily case counts that the region was seeing with there was a large spike in the winter and before vaccines were widely available.

The week of June 27, there were 94 cases reported, 118 on the week of July 4, and 179 the week of July 11.

Vaccines are now widely available in Northern Kentucky. Click here for more information.

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