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IRS Seeking to Fill Hundreds of Positions in Ky., Oh., In.

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is hiring up to 350 positions in Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana. 

The entry-level contact representative positions are entry-level government jobs with competitive salaries and benefits packages, the IRS said.

More information about careers at the IRS is available at

A contact representative, commonly referred to as a customer service representative, carries out a full range of responsibilities in resolving issues and obtaining information relative to the tax administration process, the IRS said. The contact representative provides administrative and technical assistance to both individuals and businesses.

Contact representatives also, according to the IRS:

  • Communicate with individual taxpayers, their representatives, professional stakeholders and other government officials.
  • Complete contacts, like conducting telephone interviews with a wide range of individuals who have varying degrees of understanding and provide full explanations to specific inquiries.
  • Respond to a wide range of inquiries involving laws, rules and regulations, each having different conditions, reporting requirements, or other regulatory provisions; regulations and policies subject to frequent legislative changes, amendments or precedent decisions that affect specific conditions.
  • Handle sensitive, personal and financial information.
  • Make determinations and use sound judgment concerning controversial matters in reporting the degree to which the individual understood their responsibilities.
  • Develop, analyze and evaluate information involving the research of records and the nature of each inquiry.
  • Explain what future actions are necessary to achieve voluntary compliance by computing and/or advising on tax liability and probable assessment of taxes.
  • Use sophisticated interviewing techniques; the employee reviews individual circumstances and goals and advises on the most advantageous ways to meet them.

Interested individuals can apply by creating a profile at To see all available IRS positions or share job postings with friends, family or neighbors who may be interested and qualified for the positions, visit IRS Careers.

-Staff report