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Man Convicted on Rape Charges Involving Two Young Girls

A local man was convicted this week on charges of rape and sodomy involving two girls under the age of 12.

Joshua Robert Turner was tried on eight felony counts of rape and sodomy. A Kenton County jury deliberated for about half an hour before reaching a guilty verdict, and then for another three hours before recommending a sentence of eight consecutive life sentences.

It was a swift end to a trial that started on Tuesday.

Turner's former girlfriend testified that she went into his mobile phone while he was asleep because she suspected that he had been lying to her. She said that she was shocked to find videos of Turner raping the two children.

That woman then turned over the phone to Park Hills Police the next day, and in turn, Park Hills Police asked for assistance from Lakeside Park Police which downloaded the videos along with hundreds of photos used as evidence.

Turner was watching the two children while their mothers worked, the Kenton County Commonwealth's Attorney's Office said in a news release. He was later taken into custody and charged.

The jury watched the videos of the crimes taking place.

Commonwealth's Attorney Rob Sanders applauded the work and sacrifice of the jurors.

"It's one thing to hear testimony about a child being sexually assaulted, but having to watch it with your own eyes is a horrifying experience," Sanders said. "We know jurors sacrificed a piece of themselves by sitting through this case but their sacrifice provided justice for those children and we appreciate their service."

Sanders said the only plea offer extended to Turner was also a life sentence and he hopes this case sends a message to other child molesters. "Kenton County jurors are not going to tolerate this abhorrent behavior and neither are we," said Sanders. "If you victimize children in this county we will bury you under the prison!"

Turner is scheduled to appear again before Judge Kathleen Lape on September 27 at 9 a.m. for final sentencing.

-Staff report