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Boone Co. Denies Zone Change for 208-Acre Site

The Boone County fiscal court denied a zone change last week related to a 208.73-acre site on the west side of Dixie Highway near Chamber Road and I-75.

Kansas City-based Northpoint Development, on behalf of Greenfield Farms, had hoped to see the land re-zoned from agricultural to industrial so that industrial buildings could be constructed there.

A crowd of residents from Chambers Road in Walton filled the county meeting to protest the change.

Residents expressed a series of concerns, with many related to flooding, though the company vowed to address that. Truck traffic issues were also raised, and the company said that it would bar trucks from traveling south on Dixie.

Residents argued that county land is becoming over-developed, making roads unsafe, and diminishing the country feel.

"I stand before you with great concern and worry in my heart," said Michelle Kelly.

"I'm not going to live next door to this monstrosity," said Adam Hand. "It's not gonna happen! Where do you get off rezoning my land?"

Resident Michael Larsen also expressed displeasure over the plans.

"The problem is irresponsible development and overburdened infrastructure," he said. "It's a dangerous situation in the entire county. It's real, and it is frustrating!"

Sheila Scalf lives off Richwood Road and said that there are three truck stops there that don't need more traffic

She said that she recently went to get pizza and had to go through Triple Crown to access a stoplight, and was almost hit by trucks and other vehicles.

"Something needs to be done," she said. "It's not safe!"

The fiscal court voted unanimously to oppose the zone change. The county planning commission had previously voted unanimously in favor of it, but that is only a recommendation requiring fiscal court approval.

"It is a terrible situation that Boone County is in right now," Commissioner Cathy Flaig said. She referred to the traffic and said that it is a nightmare at times. "We're working on it."

In other business, there was a first reading of an ordinance to change the use of a 1.29-acre piece of land in Hebron near Litton Lane that was formerly home to a 5/3 Bank branch. A Domino's Pizza location is planned for the site.

-Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor