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Dayton Board of Ed. Hosts First Meeting Since Chairwoman's Death

Last week's meeting of the Dayton board of education was a solemn one following the recent death of board chair Rosann Sharon.

She died suddenly on July 18 after decades of service to the school district and the board of education.

Superintendent Jay Brewer noted that no one had ever served as board chair for as long as Sharon's thirteen years.

"As the board chairperson, she was our North Star; she was the one we looked towards when we needed direction or guidance," said Brewer. "She was the one that we looked towards to make sure we were on the right path. As our leader, she did what all great leaders do: she made us better. She quietly and humbly inspired us. She reminded us to always do what was right, but not necessarily easiest. She taught us to always focus on others, never ourselves. She taught us to always believe in ourselves and in others. She taught us to focus on the positive, and better days will be ahead of us."

A large vase of multi-colored flowers graced Sharon's place at the board table Wednesday evening, along with her nameplate and the gavel that was hers for years.

"We are all aware that she is with us in spirit," Brewer said. "We can take solace in knowing that we are better for having had her in our lives. As we grow forward, we know that what she instilled in us will live on. Rosann would want us to work hard, serve others, and believe in others, and that's what we will do."

The board had some business to conduct in its first meeting since Sharon's death, mostly procedural items.

Brewer also said that the district will take part in a lawsuit against legislation adopted in Kentucky earlier this year, known as House Bill 563

-Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor